Cardiff Vs Newcastle Kennedy misses injury time penalty kick that would have been Newcastle's winning goal

It was an interesting and competitive game for both teams with many chances created for goals but it was unfortunate that it ended at 0:0 goalless draw.

Cardiff City became more advantaged when Hayden Isaac of Newcastle fouled Josh Murphy of Cardiff City which the referee did justice to by rewarding him with a red card in the 66th minutes, it was unfortunate that Cardiff was unable to use the 11 Vs 10 against Newcastle as an advantage.

It was a dream come true for Newcastle when Sean Morrison of Cardiff City blocked a cross with hand, the referee did justice to that by awarding a penalty kick to Newcastle, Kennedy kicked the penalty but Neil Etheridge was able to keep track of the ball and blocked it, Kennedy missed the penalty kick this would have been the winning goal and the only goal of the match.

Newcastle must be hopping to make up for their lose against Tottenham on Saturday last week which ended 1-2 in favour of Tottenham but unfortunately they where able to secure one point with the goalless draw today.

Newcastle will play Chelsea on Sunday 26th of August while Cardiff will play with Huddersfield on Saturday 25th of August.

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