Wolves holds Manchester United to 1:1 draw

Manchester United was unable to defend their lone goal by Fred in the early 18th minute of the first half as Joao Motinho of Wolverhampton Wanderers scored the equalising goal for the Wolves in the early second half and Wolves did not hesitate to defend their equalising goal to the end of 90 minutes.

Joao Moutinho: "We had lots of chances, De Gea made a lot of saves, but they had chances as well. I thought we did a very good match. One point is good, maybe it could have been better, but it is good and we are happy.
"We have worked hard and with the mentality to have the ball and move it fast. The result is most important, but if you can play well and win it is better."

  • Marouane Fellaini Manchester United's midfielder said "Everyone is disappointed. We know we can do better. We have to win today because after that it will be difficult to close the gap. Everyone is disappointed but that is football.

"We have to move the ball quicker, when we create the chances we have to score."

Wolverhampton seems to be strong when they face strong teams but they are always underrated Wolverhampton was also able to hold Man city to 1:1 draw in their previous match with Man Utd  today was not an exception as they claimed their one point.

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